A few recent reviews

Been busy with work recently, so haven’t done much blog-worthy stuff; I’ve been mostly sitting at home working on various things, and haven’t left Tbilisi since my trip to the observatory last month.  So I thought I’d post a link or two to my most recent reviews for Georgia Today.

Here’s the one on a string quartet concert a few weeks ago:

In one of their infrequent appearances of late, the Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theater String Quartet last week presented three perennial chamber music favorites. The Mozart (mistakenly advertised as #4 in E minor; it was actually #17 “Hunt” in B flat major, the confusion arising probably because it is the fourth in a set of six pieces) is the most popular of his Haydn quartets, collectively generally considered the pinnacle of string quartet writing; while Beethoven’s youthful #6 retains the lightness and poise of the earlier classical tradition. Shostakovich’s 8th, too, is his most popular quartet, performed more than his other fourteen put together – and one of the few chamber pieces composed after the Second World War that can be said to be popular at all.

Here’s the rest.

Here’s another on a souped-up version of Gogol’s Overcoat:

In one of the final performances of this year’s Tbilisi International Festival of Theater (www.tbilisiinternational.ge), the Gecko Company provided an energetic and highly idiosyncratic adaptation of Nikolai Gogol’s enduring short story. The piece is a favorite challenge with ambitious theater companies, and Gecko presented an exhilarating, visionary adaptation.

Here’s the rest.

And my first review of a Georgian opera:

Last Saturday’s performance of “Abesalom & Eteri” provided another welcome opportunity to catch what is probably the best opera in the Georgian repertoire. Justly praised for its adept fusion of Georgian folk music and Western operatic tradition, it is also one of Paliashvili’s best-loved and most performed pieces. The Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theater rose once again to the occasion, providing an excellent all-round performance.

Here’s the rest.



2 Responses

  1. Hi There… just wanted to thank you, i love your blog and you comments about my homeland ( my biloved Georgia)… keep on doing…!
    Thank You!!!
    with best regards

  2. Thanks! I’ll be leaving Tbilisi for a few weeks, but I’ll update it when I get back.

    aba droebit!

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