The Mukhrovani Mutiny, cont.

A few more links about the mutiny today.  Here’s the text of Saakashvili’s televised address this afternoon; here’s an interesting article from the BBC putting the current kerfuffle in a wider context, particularly regarding the possible role Russia is playing in all this; and here’s a relatively detailed report from on today’s events.

The whole thing seems extremely bizarre, a lot of foreigners here watching developments with a mixture of bemusement and incredulity. What with the NATO training exercises to start tomorrow (to which the Russians were invited, but refused to attend), and the opposition’s postponement of their plan to block the highways leading into Tbilisi, speculation is going wild as to what the hell is going on.  Around 50 officers have now been arrested, as well as 13 civilians and 7 servicemen from the military police, though at least one of the supposed ring-leaders, Koba Otanadze, is still ‘at large’.

Watch this space.


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