Misha’s Massage Madness

A few days ago a Georgian friend sent me this link to an American masseuse’s blog, rolling her eyes and lamenting the president’s judgement.  I happened to be with my neighbour (the politician) at the time, one of Misha’s young radicals, and an energetic exchange followed in which she (my friend on the other end of Skype) berated Misha, while my neighbour defended him and insisted it must be a Russian photoshopped hoax.  Today it surfaced on a mailing list for foreigners here in Georgia, so I thought I’d post it.  Around the margins of the emails that followed one almost heard the implied whispers “Monica…Monica…”

Here’s another interesting page from the blog; and here someone has posted three videos of her trip to Georgia.  Amusing to see that someone there has also insisted the whole thing is a hoax.

Otherwise not much new.  I’ve been looking for an apartment, but so far the few I’ve seen have rather dismal.  The search continues.

Now I’m going to do my Georgian homework, and then go to the lesson.


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